Share Story

Share the story with Android Beam

1. Make sure NFC & Android Beam are on.

Both NFC and Android Beam are on by default. To check that they're on:

(1) Open your device's Settings app .

(2) Tap Connected devices Connection preferences.

(3) Check that NFC is turned on.

(4) Tap Android Beam.

(5) Check that Android Beam is turned on.

You can also turn off NFC or Android Beam with these settings.

2. Open JustRss App and open any story.

3. Now you can share the story with other device.

Before sharing, make sure that both devices are unlocked, have their screens on, and have NFC and Android Beam turned on. Then:

(1) In story view, move the back of your device toward the back of the other device.

(2) When the devices connect, your device will make a sound or vibrate, and the image on your screen will get smaller.

(3) When you see "Tap to beam" or "Touch to beam," tap your screen.

(4) After you've sent the story, the image on your screen returns to normal size.