• Hide Images in story list/cards to save the data usage when phone is in Mobile Internet.

Go to Settings. You can disable/enable Show Image.

  • Refresh the subscription.

Pull down to refresh the subscription in the subscription page. You can also click the Refresh button in the top toolbar.

  • Save story for later to read.

In the story page, click the Archive button in the toolbar.

  • Refresh your subscriptions in the background.

Go to Settings. Enable Sync Subscriptions. You can also set up to receive the Notification.

  • Batch Subscription Deletion/Batch Label Subscription.

Go to Manage Subscriptions then switch to MANAGE tab.

Long Click one of the subscriptions to enable the action mode.

Once the action mode is on, you can multi-select the subscriptions. Then click Label or Delete button in the toolbar.

  • Dark/Light Theme

Go to Settings. You can change Theme Color to Dark/Light(Default).

Light Theme

Dark Theme

  • YouTube Player or any other embedded component which has dependency on JavaScript is not showing up.

Option #1: To enable JavaScript only for a session, click <> button in the toolbar of story view.

Option #2: To enable JavaScript for all stories, go to app Settings and check Enable JavaScript.